Strategic Plan 



Educating modern thinkers who create, care, solve and discover.


Engaging all students in learning experiences that inspire lifelong learning and empower each for their future.



Honor every learner as a unique person and adapt to the needs of each

Inspire the love of learning in every student

Ensure that our schools are places of innovative teaching and active learning

Are proud of our past and committed to our future

Ensure that our schools are safe, kind, and welcoming so that we make every day a great day to be a Hamburg Bulldog

Strategic Plan Overview

Our continuous strategic planning process requires that we plan collaboratively, execute our initiatives thoughtfully, and continually assess the impact our actions have on our ability to assure that each student experiences learning designed to help them become modern thinkers who create, care, solve and discover.   Our process guides us in our efforts to effectively integrate existing programs with new ones, blend the latest technology with best instructional practice, and incorporate our newly hired employees into our culture of excellence. 

The purpose of our Strategic Plan is to clearly state our priorities so that we focus the necessary resources and energy on our Strategic Priorities.  Our plan coordinates the efforts of each of our colleagues with one another and aligns them with our vision, mission, and core values. 

For each of the past three school years,  our Strategic Planning Committee, comprising 50 teachers, support staff, board members, parents, business leaders and administrators, participated in a wide range of interactive and facilitated activities.  The outcome is a set of Strategic Priorities designed to assure modern learning experiences for all students, as well as ongoing, embedded, high quality professional learning, for staff. Other priorities include a  focus on the ways in which we tell the “Hamburg Story”to stakeholders, as well as to those outside of our learning community. Finally, we have prioritized the physical setting to assure that it is safe, and promotes productive learning through collaboration, and the securing the financial capacity to make, and sustain, the progress we continue to make in the pursuit of all of our Strategic Priorities.

During these meetings, we: