BioBucs is an ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE RESEARCH & COMPETITIONS TEAM that is focused on developing solutions to make a tangible impact on our environment, society, and world.

FUN FACT: The Cahaba River is the river with the greatest biodiversity in North America. (This river conveniently flows by HHS campus!)

Current BioBucs Study (GLOBAL OUTREACH):

"Follow the Carbon"

Check out our GLOBAL data compilation website: Follow the Carbon Data

Mapping Trees & Biodiversity

Check out our map for our ongoing project on mapping trees! We have partnered with GLOBE and joined forces with citizen scientists to share our data "with public, government and scientific research institutions and contribute to a better understanding of tree height across our home planet".

Click on each pinpoint to learn about the documented tree! Click here to open the map in a new tab.


Current Lexus Eco-Challenge Project

Where Can You See CO2?: Follow the Carbon

Previous Lexus Eco-Challenge Projects

- First Place Prize

Previous Central Alabama Regional Science & Engineering Fair Projects

Spotting the Invisible Threat in the Air

- won the NOAA Taking the Pulse of the Planet Special Award

Ongoing HHS Campus Projects:

Sensory Garden

Solar-Powered Cell Phone Charging Stations

DNA Barcoding of Cahaba River Biodiversity

Wildlife Cams & Count

Planting Trees on Campus

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Where Can You See CO2?: Follow the Carbon

    • Hosting Dr. James McClintock, endowed university professor of Polar and Marine Biology at UAB, at Hoover High School for a presentation about Climate Change and Antarctica with an audience of 240 people from local high schools and universities

    • Further Reading --- OP-ED: "Climate Change in Deep South Threatens Children" ---

      • Co-authored by Dr. James McClintock and Dr. Paul Erwin (Dean of UAB School of Public Health)

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Birmingham Particle Pollution Study (Particle Posse)

About the Team

Teacher Advisor

Janet Ort

Team Members

Reid Markland, Abhinav Gullapalli, Carson Perry, Noel Ponder, Navya Gullapalli

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