iPads offer teachers mobility in the classroom. While mirroring the iPad to the projector, teachers can be anywhere in the room, engaging students, and projecting. With the iPad camera, spontaneous moments can be captured and discussed and/or recorded for playback and analysis.

Setting up your Teacher iPad

Have your Tech Rep install REFLECTOR software on your projection computer.


  • ACCOUNT - tap your name/account info. Make sure you are logged in with a school account. Tap on the iCLOUD setting and turn on NOTES if it is not already turned on.
    • Sort Notes by TITLE (or whatever you prefer)
    • Lines & Grids - choose the format you prefer
    • Access Notes from Lock Screen - select Resume Last Note Viewed or option of your choice
      • Require passcode - never

MIRROR your iPad

Open Reflector on your teacher computer.

From your iPad, access your Control Center (swipe down from top corner, or swipe up from bottom for older versions).

Preferably, lock your rotation to landscape

Tap on SCREEN MIRRORING and select your room

Ready to Augment(sAmr)?

  • Take photos throughout the year for instant slideshow for BSN and Open House.
  • Split Attendance/T-SIS screens for quick attendance and behavior/reward tracking.
  • Mirror (project) from anywhere in your classroom to your Projector
    • Use the camera for spontaneous teaching moments
  • Use NOTES App to collect multiple aspects of a lesson
    • Type/handwrite notes
    • Take photo/mark it up
    • Take photo of document and saves as pdf (and then mark up)
    • Sketches


Multitasking by sakitech

ApplePencil by sakitech

Instant Markup and Notes by AppleInsider

Notes Document Scanner by AppleInsider