Hayden Student Life Services

Welcome to the Hayden Catholic High School Student Life Services Page! The Hayden Counseling Department, the Hayden Support Services Team, and the Hayden Community System have come together to give you the Hayden Student Life Services to meet ALL the needs of students at Hayden Catholic High School. We are excited to Join Forces!!

Hayden Catholic High School Student Life Services provides resources to Grades 9-12 and consults with teachers, staff, parents, and administrators to enhance our effectiveness in helping students’ educational, career, personal, and social development.

Jesica Farmer-Walter

9th -10th Counselor

Linda Blanchette

College & Career Counselor/Registrar

12th Counselor

Judy Cucciniello

Support Services

Dr. Dale Walters

Carrie Schmidt

11th grade Academic Advisor

Student Life

Where No Counsel Is

The People will Fall;

But in the MULTITUDE of Counselors

There Is SAFETY.

Proverbs 11:14