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Welcome to Distance Learning

Mrs. Helgeson discusses some ways to make distance learning a more positive experience. She also gives you a tour of her new website.

COVID-19 distance learning-related information:

Per Governor Walz's directive, Minnesota students will receive education via distance learning March 30 through April 30. Students are scheduled to return to school May 5, although that is dependent on the state of the COVID-19 situation at that time. Remember to *breathe* - this is all new for students and staff (and parents!). School staff want to do everything we can to help students succeed, feel supported, and get comfortable with new technology and new expectations. The unknown is always kind of unnerving - give yourself some grace as we get started with a new way of education and reach out to your teachers and school staff with all of your questions!

The school counseling department will still be available to support students, provide information, and answer questions during the distance learning time! It is my goal to continue to support students, even if I can't work with you face-to-face.

How to connect with Mrs. Helgeson:

I will be available to both students, parents, and staff during the school week by video call (Google Meet or Zoom), Google Chat, email, and phone (using my work phone number). My contact information is listed just below this section, as well as a button link to a quick and easy form for sending me referrals or a request to set up an appointment to connect with me. I will respond as quickly as possible to all requests I receive!

If you are in need of emergency or crisis services, please refer to the resources listed on both our website and the Hawley Public Schools COVID-19 website.

How I will communicate with students and parents:

Aside from connecting with students and families individually, I will have information to share with entire grades or larger groups. This might include things like self-care tips, short social & emotional learning (SEL) lessons, and academic skill support. I will post school counseling-related updates on this website as we have information to share. I will send information to parents and students in grades K, 1, 2, 3, and 6 via email. I also have a Google Classroom set up for students in grades 4 and 5. 4th and 5th grade students have been sent an invitation to join the class via email.

Who should you contact?

  • If it's about an individual class, start with the class's teacher.
  • If it's about technology, start with the technology support page of the COVID-19 website.
  • If you receive special education services, start with your special education case manager.
  • If it's about meals, start with Alyssa Moothart at the elementary school - (218) 483-3316 or amoothart@hawley.k12.mn.us
  • If it's about school-based mental health, start with The Village Family Service Center through your family's portal or by calling their office.
  • Contact the school counselors about:
    • Students who are struggling in class even after working with the teachers.
    • Students who are struggling with their mental health, worries about school or non-school issues, or stress.
    • Help figuring out how to get the help your family needs to meet basic needs or technology.
    • Students who just need to connect with another caring adult.
    • When you don't know who to contact.

Taking Care of Your Mental Health in the Face of Uncertainty

Talking to your Kids about the Coronavirus

Licensed School Counselor serving grades K - 6

218.483. 3316 ext. 3162


School Counseling Office Hours: Monday-Thursday - 8:00am-3:45pm / Friday - 8:00am-3:13pm

Main Office Fax: 218.483.4638

What's happening in the school counseling office?

Distance Learning - March 30-April 30. Students will return to school May 5. School counseling services are available during distance learning. Contact us by clicking on the referral form buttons above, emailing, or calling! (We will have access to our work phones even though we'll be out of the building.) We are available by video chat, chat, phone, and email.

Student Referral Form for Counseling: Parents and students can use this referral form to refer students to see the counselor. I plan to connect with students through whichever means works best for students. Google Meets (Video Conferencing), check in with Google Forms, phone calls, and email are some ways we might connect. I am looking forward to finding new ways to connect with my students!

Mindful Moment Videos: As we move towards a distance learning model, I will be posting mindful moment videos for students to access. This is a time of heightened anxiety for us all, it is my hope students will be able to find tools to help them find focus and calm whenever they are in need. You can access Mrs. Helgeson's Youtube channel here. Subscribe to my channel to see a new video every week!

Online SEL lessons: As online lessons are created for specific classrooms or requested topics, lessons will be archived on this website under the SEL Lessons tab.

What do Licensed School Counselors do?

School counselors are licensed by the Minnesota Board of Teaching and are required to have a master's degree in school counseling. We have specialized training to work with all students in grades K-12 individually, in small groups, and in the classroom setting. We support students, families, and school staff so students can be successful in school! We offer support in three main areas:

  • Academics
  • Career Exploration and Post-secondary Education Access
  • Social/Emotional Concerns

Want to learn more? Check out this brochure from the Minnesota School Counselors Association!

How do students and parents/guardians connect with Mrs. Helgeson?

Students can self-refer or can be referred by parents/guardians or staff members by using the counseling referral form. Students and parents can also call or send an e-mail. During distance learning, I will be connecting with students through Google Meets, phone, or e-mail.