Computer Science Academy


The Computer Science Academy at Harris County High School offers courses in computer science. While other Chattahoochee Valley schools offer some classes related to computer science, none offer the comprehensive coverage of the subject that we do in the CS Academy at HCHS.

The CS Academy is an “open” academy, which means classes can be taken by any HCHS student interested in exploring computer science. The academy’s mission is to expose as many HCHS students as possible to computer science and to demonstrate its relevance to their academic and career interests.

Students in CS Academy courses enjoy benefits beyond what they learn in the classroom such as: opportunity to complete an official Information Technology Pathway or Advanced Placement (AP) program which is impressive on college applications, visits to tech companies, guest speakers from industry, career development and mentoring opportunities.

From beginners to advanced students, we have classes that are right for everyone. Click here to view a list of our courses.

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