Frequently asked Questions

What is FORUS?

FORUS is an invite only community for youth driven by students for their wellbeing and overall development. It is a Joint initiative of students pan India and backed by Hapiens Digital (P) Ltd..

What is in it for me?

Apart from the networking opportunities pan India, scheduled programs for professional development and the fun factor, what makes it unique are the cool contests where you get to win cash rewards daily. To know more, check out our benefits page

Are there any eligibility criterias?

Yes, FORUS admits only those who are 18 years or above and a citizen of India. You are also expected to refer two of your friends to join the collective.

Why should I refer 2 friends to FORUS?

Unlike other social groups, FORUS is an invite-only community and to keep total strangers out, we admit only those referred by our existing members. As the only way for the community to grow is through referrals, we request each member to refer at least 2 of their friends and this is all we ask you to reap the benefits of this collective.

Can I refer anyone to FORUS?

Yes, anyone who meets the eligibility criteria. however we recommend that you refer your school friends which helps the community reach out to new campuses nationwide. There is no limit to how many friends you may refer and therefore you may invite your college mates also.

How do I refer my friends?

It's simple, share and ask them to fill this form, and if they want to know more ask them to check out

Why is FORUS on Telegram?

1. Privacy: Telegram does not display your phone numbers to other members

2. Scale: FORUS being an ever-growing community, Telegram can accommodate upto 2L users in a supergroup.

3. Automation: Being a student run initiative, It is easier to manage round the clock with Telegrams automation bots and scheduling capabilities.

What is the role of Hapiens?

Hapiens is a fun-tech startup primarily working towards empowering the student community. They run the contests and sponsors the cash rewards. They also work closely with the students driving this by mentoring and developing their professional skills.