Leadership - FORUS is built for leadership at every level because we believe there is a leader within every student. Unfortunately, our current education system and the rise of social media are only helping to build more followers than leaders.

Collaboration - Do you know what is that one key skill that decides your success at work but unfortunately they don’t teach at schools and colleges. Yes, Teamwork! Our local meet-ups and social collabs are great ways for students to develop teamwork.

Communication - Our daily discussions and debates on the topic of the day is a huge hit amongst the community who actively participate and express their opinions as well as learn from other perspectives thereby making the most out of it.

Creativity - With the advent of the Internet and Smartphones, Students these days have a tendency to google solutions making them dumber by the day. At FORUS, We have diligently crafted contests running daily to develop your thinking and not googling skills.

Networking - Colleges are a good place to network but it is limited to your surroundings. Social Media, on the other hand, is great for networking but the quality of those connections is still a question mark. Being an invite-only community and the frequent interactions only help you build a stronger network pan India.

The fun factor is an everyday affair when we have students at the forefront and did we mention that there are some cool cash rewards to be won daily.