This program can be a nostalgic one for some because it's something people might have experienced in school, 'Thought for the day' in morning assembly. So we bring it here, collection of quotes that inspires. We present "QUOTED", a daily thoughtful dose for better day.

Something people like to bite with morning breakfast is definitely Hot news. One of the necessary habit for everyone. This is our small initiative to inculcate that habit. 'Newsbytes' is a daily dose of some crucial news you shouldn't miss.

Wocabulary is a collection of unique words with it's meaning like a dictionary. The added feature is that it doesn't end with meaning alone, the pronounciation of the word is also attached. So why wait, try saying it aloud and make a sentence.

For the quirky and the bold, questions to tickle your funny bones and then some. Either the question will make you laugh or the responses will, either way, evening is when the fun starts at FORUS, only to never stop. Just make sure you don't run out of emojis, cause you'll need them when the responses start to pour in.

Everyone has an opinion, what you need is a platform to voice them. FORUS provides you with just that, a new topic every day and with the number of members in the collective you're sure to hear a different perspective on things and maybe rediscover your own. We start early here at FORUS and discussions last throughout the day, check-in whenever you feel, but once you do it's hard to leave. Don't say we didn't warn you.

You'll need your brains for this one either that or your trusty sidekick Google. But the real challenge is how fast can you answer the questions, remember the fastest always triumphs so stretch your fingers and get those thumbs moving. Brush up on your general knowledge cause our questions encompass a vast variety of topics from the mundane to the downright outrageous. Oh, and did we mention that there are cash rewards for the winners, now that got you excited didn't it.

Think back to when you were young, what did you want to be, a Doctor? a Pilot? a Dancer maybe, Aah the don't you miss those days when what you wanted to be wasn't limited by certificates and courses but only by your imagination. Students need to learn to differentiate between a Job and a Career, a Job feeds the body, a Career feeds the soul. Presenting CareerLabs curated content to take you that one step further in finding the right path for you to venture into. From articles that will leave you questioning everything you know to videos that are sure to leave you wanting more. Find the path that's meant for you through CareerLabs.

Nothing gives us a sense of achievement more than finishing a dare. We bring to the group, Dare Factory, a program that takes us down the memory lane, back to the good old school days, where playing 'Truth & Dare' was the highlight of the day. The challenge this time, is to make ourselves better humans via completing the dares provided daily! Are you up for it!?



To tour the world one might need some serious financial backing, and even if you manage that, won't every new place you visit be a challenge in itself ? Let's cover the theory before getting into the practicals. With Tour De Globe, we bring to you the basic knowledge one might need before visiting any country!


Do books seem too long to finish, are you looking for short summaries to books you've always wanted to read. Well then search no more, 'BookBlurbs' is here to fill your curiosity. Unlike watching a movie, reading and finishing a book takes a lot of effort. Which is why we're bringing you this program, to make reading more fun, quick and simple. Spend a few minutes of your day to stay informed about the current developments in the literary world. Read fast, read again.


Passionate about a technology but lack the qualification? Want to specialize in your field of passion? There's always room for more knowledge! This program brings to you, the best universities across various streams for master's degree programs throughout the world & throughout our very motherland!


Great people have walked this earth before us, their journeys recorded in history! In the stories of such personalities lie great value for the youth. We bring to you, a program that is dedicated on the life-facets of eminent individuals!


There are a lot among us who wish to study in a different environment, culture and location, especially foreign location. For all the individuals enthusiastic about higher education abroad, we bring to you the one stop program aimed at providing all the crucial information one must know to make one's dream a reality!


Evolution in our world can take forever but what about homosapiens ? We have a very short span of time to evolve into something humane. The most evolved people are the one's at the forefront of innovation, so this program is to help work ourselves from within.

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