❝One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.❞

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Datos de Contacto

(Contact information)

Mrs. Amy Schmidgall


1-320-392-5621 Ext. 217

¡Hola y bienvenidos a la clase de español!

(Hello and welcome to Spanish class!)

My name is Amy Schmidgall and I am excited to be your Spanish I and II maestra (teacher) at Hancock Public School. Throughout the year I will be using this website to share pictures of our activities and to celebrate our great accomplishments. Also visit my Links and Resources page for a variety of supplemental resources on learning Spanish and Hispanic culture throughout Latin American.

Sobre Yo

(About Me)

I live just outside of Morris with my husband Andy (1990 Hancock Alumni) and our 5 children Levi, Pearl, Abram, Maggie, and Jeremiah. In May of 2018, I fulfilled my lifelong dream of studying Spanish and Latin culture by obtaining my BA in Latin American Studies at the University of Minnesota, Morris. I am currently enrolled in Liberty University and am working towards obtaining my master degree in secondary education in the content areas of Spanish and English as a Second Language. Although I am just getting started teaching in a formal classroom, I have worked most of my adult life as an educator in one form or another. Out of college (the 1st time) I worked for Dart Transit of Eagan, MN as a Network Administrator where I was responsible for training employees across the nation in software systems. After starting a family, I retired from the corporate world to be a home-school mom, which I enjoyed for over 10 years. Since moving to to the Morris/Hancock area in 2012, I taught English in the Morris community to native adult Spanish speakers. I have a a passion for teaching and I am honored to be part of the teaching team at the Hancock Public School.