I regularly use R (and sometimes Fortran) for data analysis and mathematical modeling. In many cases this work requires the development of new functions, and these are shared through the packages and apps listed below. For more details on these tools, see the GitHub repositories linked below, or check out the related publications. To submit feature requests or bug reports, please use the "Issues" pages available through GitHub.

S6. Hafner, S.D. 2021. STM: a heat transfer model for stored animal manure.

S5. Hafner, S.D., Dalby, F. 2020. The ABM package in R. Model for simulating anaerobic biodegradation of biomass.

S4. Hafner, S.D., Haeni, C. 2018. The ALFAM2 package in R. Implementation of the ALFAM2 ammonia emission model. See paper 34 and 39.

S3. Katz, J., Hafner, S.D., Rennuit, C. 2016. OBA, the Online Biogas App. Access to tools for biogas data processing and prediction as a web application. See paper 38. For exercises, see these files.

S2. Hafner, S.D., Rennuit, C. 2015. The biogas package in R. Tools for biogas data processing and prediction. See paper 38.

S1. Hafner, S.D., Katz, J. 2014. monitoR: Acoustic Template Detection in R. A complete software package for detection and identification of animal vocalizations. See papers 28 and 29.