Some current projects are listed below.


A database and model on ammonia loss from field-applied manure. This work is presently contributing to the calculation of European emission factors for inventories. For the database, model, and more information visit and check out papers 34 and 39. To follow the project, see this ResearchGate project and ask to join the mailing list.

IIS-BMP and BMP standardization

Large international inter-laboratory project on standardization of biochemical methane potential (BMP) measurement (IIS-BMP) and an on-going project to standardize BMP measurement. See paper 49 and the Standard BMP Methods website.

Laboratory methods for biogas

This is a catchall project that includes work done over several years. The latest development is a completely new method for measuring biochemical methane potential using only simple laboratory equipment that is nevertheless accurate (GD-BMP). See publications 08, 09, 26, 36, and 43 (GD-BMP).