What are we doing right now?

We're now sprint planning in order to deliver a LIVE PRODUCT !

Thanks to those of you who came along to the show and tell in person or virtually. The slide deck is provided below and contains the rest of the user research and videos we didn't quite get a chance to show.

Please check, validate & feedback on our: Prototype !

Alpha: Sprint 5

What we’ve done

- Iterated wire frames to include feedback from user testing

- Progressed designing document upload function

- Completed designing materials journey

- Begun designing contextual help, document help and associated copies

- Recruited 5 user testers for 15th November and have necessary appointments scheduled in

Key decisions

- Overall project progress and future reviewed and agreed, including:

- Product vision tweaked to reflect the focus on householder rather than full planning

- Prototype at the end of alpha will show the journey for named householder applications

- Build phase will deliver an end to end service for householder applications

- Minimum consultation criteria will be delivered but form the building blocks for innovation in future

- Major works submission is no longer in scope

Sprint 4We now have a landing page with the following sections:- Check if you need planning permission (potentially linking with Plan X)- Find out about your site constraints- Prepare application (validation checklist: what documents you may need to submitSprint 3The priority order of work has been set in accordance with the core functional needs of a user: 1) Forms 2) Data schema 3) Constraint finder 4) On-boarding 5) Payment 6) Accounts 7) NotificationsSetting our goals:- Enable proposed site investigation to increase quality of submitted applications- Define logic of details required ensuring applications are submitted right first time- Understand the optimum journey for users starting an application so that it is a seamless experienceSprint 1 \ 2- Produced the paper prototype material - Designed the questions we will be using to test our paper prototypes- Discussed how the lack of a planning data schema is impacting our work & ambition- A very long list of product features, prioritising and T-Shirt sizing Sprint 0Product Vision, Product Value

End of Discovery Phase

We've reached the end of our Discovery phase, a real achievement considering the project is run on a two day week, whilst working with a very busy Planning team, collaborating with other organisations and still finding time for extensive user research!

To see the excellent results view the full presentation!

Problem and Hypothesis (Aug '17) Taking a Digital Planning Service to a new level @mcaino posed the question ‘What would a digital planning service look like if it were so good, people preferred to use it?

Developing a Prototype (Nov '17) A group of interested Local Authorities and Future Cities Catapult held a week long Google Design Sprint . Future Cities Catapult (@euanmills) consolidated the findings into a superb presentation.

MHCLG Planning Delivery Fund (Jan '18) Hackney partnered with Southwark and Camden, here's the Successful bid for funding

Digital Marketplace (Digital Outcomes and Specialists opportunities) To find a team to provide our required outcome ‘Develop a digital service to enable users to submit, view and comment on a Planning Application’ we uploaded our requirements to the Government’s Digital Marketplace. Snook partnering with Hactar won the bid here’s the Snook proposal