Submit my Planning Application

It’s become increasingly apparent that, nationwide, online services for submitting, viewing and commenting on Planning Applications are not keeping up with customer and staff expectations.

We don't want it to stay that way so, what have we done?

With some Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government funding, Hackney have collaborated with a group of like-minded Local Authorities with the ambition to explore digitisation of the planning application process.

Hackney Council is now working in partnership with Snook & Hactar and after some groundbreaking work we're launching a new digital service for submitting householder planning applications (and looking to expand even further). We're also very pleased to be showcasing the service on the 19th September at Plantech Week 2019!

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Are you a like minded Local Authority and want to be involved?

What do we want to achieve?

We want to provide a digital planning application service which allows users to submit, view and comment on planning applications, a service so good people prefer to use it.. 'Submit My Planning Application' is intended to help applicants submit the right information, first time and to feel informed throughout the process. Through this, we aim to reduce invalid applications and unnecessary customer contact.

We want to make sure that we are doing the right thing, and doing the thing right, so we're taking baby steps along our journey (in jargon; iterative working) so that we don't go too far before we realise we can do it better.

Want to help us create something amazing?

Partnership and collaboration is key to our success (We're already collaborating with Southwark and Camden Councils). If you'd like to help research, critique and steer the rest of the journey please contact us about getting involved. If you have other queries or comments, please contact us through the link: get in touch with the team.