Educational Technology

We would like to welcome you to our Educational Technology Site. We will be updating this page with information regarding the use of technology in your classrooms. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Technology Department and any available staff will be happy to assist you. Opening an IT Ticket is a great way to track our progress and correspond with us regarding anything you've asked us to work on. If you do open a ticket, be sure and watch your email for any updates or questions we may have for you. Additionally, each school site has a Teacher Technology Lead, who can be a terrific on-site resource.

Thank you!


  • KAMI/Annotating (updated 10/2017) - based on feedback from teachers, KAMI has been chosen as the District wide annotating tool - please make sure you have added the Kami extension on your device - (Chrome Webstore)

  • Apps - With your account you have the required permissions to add apps to your Chromebook. Please take advantage of this time to explore various apps that you may find beneficial for use with your students. The apps are available on the Google Web Store. Web Store can be accessed through various areas, it can be reached on the apps page when you press the search key (magnifying glass key) on your Chromebook keyboard. If you wish to have an app available for your students, you will need to fill out an App Request Form. Once the app is approved it will then be added to Gateway Apps where the students can then access and add.

  • Printing - Updated 11/2018 - With Google Apps (for Education), we are provided with unlimited Google Drive storage, and with Google Classroom and LMS, we are able to share our documents and digital media without a need to print or use of portable storage devices such as flash drives. We encourage you to try some of these new features, but if you feel that you still need to print, please follow the instructions in this link for our current printing method: How to Print from a Chromebook . Follow the instructions to "Connect a printer that's not cloud-ready". NOTE: If you use Google Cloud Print from your PC, to print to the network copiers you will need to make sure you select the copier names that are preceded by the name of our print server, "Uniflow".

      • Alternatively, you can also email documents to yourself that can opened and printed from a PC.

      • If you'd like assistance in setting up Google Cloud Print for your Chromebook, please open an IT Ticket and we'll be happy to assist you.

  • Cast - (Displaying your Chromebook to desktop computer i.e. TV, Promethean board) Select the lower right hand corner of your Chromebook (pic you selected for yourself), from menu select cast and then the device you wish to cast to.

  • Storage/Charging - Cabinets and carts have been modified to accept Chromebook chargers. If you need additional charging capacity, open an IT Ticket and someone from the IT department will evaluate the situation and determine what, if anything, can be added.

  • Chrome Remote Desktop - allows you to display and control your desktop (teacher computer) on your Chromebook. This is available on an a request basis, please submit an IT Ticket.

  • NetOp Vision - (replacement for AirWatch) allows us (via Google Classroom) to monitor our students Chromebooks on the teacher device.

  • CLEVER - Will allow students to sign in to Chromebook by using a badge (QR code). (K-5th)

  • GMAIL - our email has been migrated over from Office 365, please check your email from the gmail app from here on out - Recommended - If you wish to use your school email on your mobile device you are encouraged to use the GMAIL app.

  • Google Sites - Currently being used for/by staff for exchange/delivery of info and data between staff only.

  • File Conversion - Setting in Google Drive that will allow you to save a copy of word or excel as a google doc or sheet

  • Student Chromebooks - Generally, K-1st grade will have the exact Chromebooks as teachers and staff (Lenovo N23 Yoga). 2nd-12th grade students will have Lenovo N22 Chromebooks - these do not convert to tablet mode (only open 180 degrees) (they are all touch screen) (they have a carrying handle). Recently some HP Chromebooks have been added to supplement our inventory; these units do not convert to tablets and do not have touch screens. These are in use primarily at the high school level.

  • Headphones - same devices as previously used with iPad

  • Mouse - It is not included with our Chromebooks. It is up to the individual sites as to whether or not a mouse will be provided.