California’s teachers, students and administrators can get acquainted with their new ProQuest resources from April 15 through June 15.

Go to:

https://www.proquest.com/go/catrial to set up a 60-day trial.

Mailing List - California State Library

The California State Library will provide updates about this project, other K-12 online educational resources and opportunities for technical support. Interested teachers, staff, librarians, parents and others are invited to join the State Library’s mailing list for K-12 education.

Encyclopedia Britannica: All California schools and libraries can get started by visiting the sites and entering the username and password below:

o Britannica School (in English) – https://school.eb.com

o Britannica Escolar (in Spanish) – https://escolar.eb.com

Username: gateway

Password: gusd

Expires: 06/30/19


All California educators, librarians, and other professionals may freely start using TeachingBooks.net by entering their work email address at www.TeachingBooks.net/California

CultureGrams – Concise cultural information on countries around the world.

eLibrary – General reference aggregation of periodical and digital media content with editorial

guidance for novice researchers.

ProQuest Central Student – Database of millions of articles from more than 10,000 full-text

scholarly journals.

SIRS Discoverer – Selected content for beginning researchers, especially elementary and middle school students and educators.

SIRS Issues Researcher – Curriculum-aligned database of content organized by complex issues,

ideally for middle and high school students and educators.

Research Companion – Information literacy tools and tutorials to help develop critical thinking.

School & Educators Complete – eBook subscription database of over 12,000 titles that supports

English Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, Health, Physical Education, Information Literacy and Technology.