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Teacher Resources

GUSD Schoology Log In

Schoology Login

(District wide 6th-12th)


  • Collect student work electronically (submitted work is by class, alphabetically, and by assignment).
  • Class page
  • Share links or folders
  • Quiz, discussion, and assignment options
Introduction to Schoology

created by Bret Barnes (CVHS)

NWEA Teacher Login

(District wide)

  • District-wide assessments in math and reading administered three times a year.
  • Access reports r.e. students areas of strength, weakness and growth over time

Site Level Support

CVHS - Keri Mulrennan

BSA - Vivian Torres

SLS - Kathy Kester

GOES/MLHS/ - Judy Smelcer GEO

Nearpod Teacher Login

(CVHS - Premium)

(District wide - Free Version)

  • Find ready-made, interactive lessons
  • Create your own lessons, complete with various checks for understanding

Training Contact:

  • Supervise student Chromebooks with use of Vision
  • Build a class page
  • Use Forms for quizzes
  • Share links or folders
  • Design collaborative assignments

Training Contact:

TurnItIn Teacher Login


  • Evaluates student writing for plagiarism
  • Rubric Builder
  • Assign multiple drafts, peer edits, and/or reflections

Site Resource (CVHS):

Keri Mulrennan (IC)

Cinnamon Kern (CVHS) Teacher Login


  • Test prep for Advanced Placement students.

Site Resource (CVHS):

Keri Mulrennan (IC)

Grammarly: Teacher Login

(CVHS - Premium Version)

(District wide - Free version)

  • Gives students grammar feedback while composing or to a submitted paper


Extension and App available in web store (Gateway Apps)


(BSA - purchased, currently thru Sept 2018)

(SLS - purchased)

  • Find and fix learning gaps covering Common Core, NGSS, and State Standards.

(Managed by individual sites)

Accelerated Reader: Renaissance Learning

(BSA -purchased yearly)

(SLS- purchased yearly)

(GOES - purchased yearly)

Links: Are different at each site, contact your site manager

Managed by:

  • BSA - Site
  • SLS -Dawn Bell - Librarian
  • GOES -Cecilia Wessel-Librarian