Georgia SNAP Works Program

What is DFCS SNAP Works Program Georgia?

It's more than a SNAP work requirement. It's an opportunity. Let Goodwill help you prepare for your future.

SNAP Works is a voluntary program that helps food stamp recipients acquire the job skills, training, or experience needed to find gainful employment.

Goodwill is now partnering with the DFCS SNAP Works Program. Whether you have a work requirement or not, we can help you find a good job. Goodwill offers free job training and job placement. SNAP recipients have had great success with Goodwill. It can work for you, too.

What is the goal of the SNAP Works Program through Goodwill?

SNAP Works Program’s goal is to help all food stamp recipients who are unemployed or underemployed with getting a job that eliminates their dependency on food stamps. Training opportunities are found in a variety of fields from healthcare to IT. The program’s success is measured by helping Georgia families get the skills, training and work experience they need to build lives that are not reliant on public assistance programs.

We at Goodwill want to do more than just help you find a job; we want to help you find your future! We believe that being active in the work force provides more than a paycheck - it builds confidence. We want to help you reach your fullest potential!

Who is qualified?

Goodwill’s Georgia SNAP Works Program participants receiving food stamps who are: able-bodied adults, single parents, families, refugees, senior citizens, and/or individuals with disabilities.

If you live in the following counties that Goodwill Industries - Big Bend, Inc. serves: Thomas, Grady, Decatur, and Seminole.

If you live outside of our territory, we will connect you with the Goodwill in your local community. We are excited to be partnering with Goodwill agencies all over Georgia to expand the employment and training program for SNAP recipients.

Click your location on the map below to find your closest Goodwill.

To get started, complete the following questionnaire to be considered for eligibility. A staff person will contact you via email after the questionnaire is submitted.