Continuous Learning Field Guide

From the Grant Wood AEA Digital Learning Team

This field guide has been developed to support educators with continuous learning. This guide adopts the term “continuous learning” to encompass any methodology used to extend learning beyond brick and mortar district buildings, although these strong instructional practices can be effectively incorporated within the classroom walls as well.

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This field guide has also been developed to help support teachers to teach in an online environment. In addition, these instructional strategies and tools may be used during on-site or hybrid learning situations to support teaching and learning. The domains within this field guide contain key vocabulary, new learning, application with a digital toolkit and reflection components.

The domains covered in this field guide include:

To support professional development and learner variability the Continuous Learning Field Guide also contains:

  1. An Introduction to provide foundational knowledge and a common vocabulary.

  2. A module for Problem-Solving for Learner Success. Some learners may thrive in face-to-face environments, but not online and vise versa. This module will provide ideas on how to support a variety of learner needs and present considerations and tools and strategies that can be utilized to support unique learner needs.

  3. Administrator Supports page - In order for teachers and students to be successful with online learning there are some considerations for instructional leaders.

Key Documents:

Below are key documents that will be used throughout the field guide. Consider adding these to a folder in your Google Drive.

Glossary of Terms for Website
Glossary of Terms
Online Instruction Checklist (Reduced)
Key Component Checklist
Continuous Learning Field Guide Reflection Log
Log to track learning, reflection & application
Continous Learning Toolbox
Digital tools with support materials for the resources.

Application Ideas for the Continuous Learning Field Guide:

  1. Used by a teacher for independent learning

  2. Used by teaching teams for discussion and collaboration

  3. Used by leadership teams or instructional coaches to pull content to share with colleagues

Tips from Grant Wood:

"Hello, I'm Grant Wood and you will see me throughout the Continuous Learning Field Guide Site. I want to call out some things you should think about as you are preparing to implement online learning with your students!"