Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Garden Valley School District

I've had the great pleasure to work in technology, education, and construction, and for 29 years. At my previous district, I was responsible for managing forty staff who in turn managed 16,000 computing devices, 37,000 student accounts and 3,600 staff accounts at 57 locations. I've also owned a successful construction and remodeling business.

These were great jobs with many, many challenges. Being a Teacher/ Technology Director/Football Coach at GVSD is also a great opportunity with many challenges. Overcoming the challenges and solving problems is what makes my job fun, interesting, and very rewarding. Obstacles are meant to be RUN OVER!

I'm excited about all of my classes. This year is especially exciting because GVHS is offering two new classes to our students. "How To...Skills for Life" and "Construction I". The curriculum for these two classes is geared toward helping students obtain practical skills that can help with everyday life and lead to gainful employment after graduation from high school.

My 2018 - 2019 classes are:

Period 2 - How To...Skills for Life - CTE Lab

Every day we each are presented with circumstances and situations that require us to make what hopefully will be a good decision. This class will help students to be prepared to make these decisions by giving them solid thinking and problem solving strategies as well as practical skills that they can use in everyday life. Topics we will cover are personal finance, taxes, credit, basic home repair, basic car maintenance, what t o look for when buying a car, cooking simple meals, being a successful employee, and what it takes to run a small business.

Period 5 - 7th Grade Technology Applications - CTE Lab

Everything we do in this class will empower students to use technology hardware and software to create solid work and solve complex problems. Students will experience a range of software applications including, MS Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, Coding, and 3D modeling and printing, Google Apps (Mail, Drive, Calendar, Classroom), and various web-based applications.

Period 6 - Computer Technology I - CTE Lab

Everything we do in this class will empower students to use technology hardware and software to create solid work and solve complex problems. Computer Technology I is an introductory computer survey course covering many aspects of computer hardware as well as a wide variety of business production and creative software applications. Students will also learn to fly drones, program simple robots. create professional posters and banners, and print 3D objects of their own design.

Period 7 - Construction I - CTE Shop

Shop is back and better than ever! Students will master the ability to safely use every tool in the shop. They will also use software applications to plan and design their own project which they then will be able to build to completion. There will be individual and team projects including design competitions and a kitchen remodel project that will include building custom cabinets.

In all CTE courses, students will be guided according to nationally recognized technology standards (see:, NETS for Students) as well as Idaho State Career and Technical Education (CTE) Standards ( through thematic project-based lessons.