How do I print from my Chromebook?

From your chromebook, hit CTRL + P on the page you want to print. In the dialogue box that opens, be sure the destination is HS LIB KONICA. If it isn't, hit CHANGE and select HS LIB KONICA. Come to the Konica copier in the LMC.

Can I print in color?

In order to print in color, you need to share the document with Mrs. Wight. It costs .25 cents per page, and you will need to pay Mrs. Wight beforehand.

Do you have a copier in the LMC?

Yes. Go to the Konica in the library the same way you would for printing. Select copy. Ask any library staff member for additional assistance.

Why do I need a pass / have to sign in?

A pass from a teacher shows us you have work to do while in the LMC. Mrs. Wight can't write you a pass to the library because of professional courtesy to our teaching staff-- only a teacher can agree to let you out of his or her class to come to the library. You need to sign in so that the teacher whose class you left can see that you made it, and also so we can account for your whereabouts in case of an emergency.