Chromebook Corner

I forgot my Chromebook at home. Can I check out a loaner Chromebook?

See Mrs. Wight for a loaner. You are allowed three checkouts during the school year. Once you reach your limit, you will need to borrow a Chromebook from a friend or work on a desktop computer in the library. We do not provide loaner chargers.

My Chromebook isn't working and/or I cracked my screen...

You need to come down to the library as soon as possible and sign up to meet with Mr. Hay (the sign up sheet is on Mrs. Wight's circulation desk). Once available, Mr. Hay will call you down to the library and will help you fix whatever you need.

Where is the tech office?

The tech office is located through the sliding glass doors in the library.

My Chromebook is acting funny or it won't load the sites I need.

Often times, turning the computer off and turning it back on can solve these issues. Always try restarting first.

Make sure Chrome is updated. On the bottom left hand corner there is a little menu bar. If that bar has an arrow pointing up, click on it. It will ask you if you want to restart to update, click "Yes".

After that, open Chrome and hit Crtl+H. This will open your browser history. Near the top you should have the option to clear your history, click on that. There will be a little drop down box, make sure you have "the beginning of time". Below that there will be several check boxes. Make sure that the first 4 check boxes have a check mark in them. After that hit "Clear Browsing Data".

Check your wireless settings. Disable the Wi-Fi and then reconnect after 10 seconds. Go to or to activate the lightspeed page.

My Chromebook has been lost or stolen. What do I do?

If you've lost your Chromebook, or it has been stolen, first make sure you have searched all your classes and your house. Next, come to the LMC Circulation desk immediately and speak with Mrs. Wight. You will be issued a loaner until your Chromebook can be replaced or found. You will also need to file a report with Mr. Hay and Mr. Smith.

I lost my Chromebook charger.

Chargers are $25.00 and can be purchased through Mr. Hay in the technology office. See Mrs. Wight to sign up.

I need to use a website but it's blocked.

If you need access to a website that is currently blocked, talk to the teacher or Mrs. Wight for the class you need it for. They will need to submit a Help Desk ticket.