How to Lead

How we lead is a fundamental part of who we are. Together we shape an environment where entrepreneurship, connectedness, growth and joy is at the heart of everything we do. It's all about believing in our talented colleagues and giving them the context, support and autonomy they need to be their natural best. We're value-driven and policy-light with trust as our default. As part of living our values, we focus on alignment to enable autonomy. In that perspective, we do not have a ready-made handbook full of rules and procedures. We prefer to write down only the necessary stuff in this How to Lead, which we think will help you in your role as a leader at Guidion. Make sure to ask for support when needed and if something isn't clear, let the People team know! Not a Teamlead? For sure look around and see what we advise and how we guide!

Permanent colleagues

On-call colleagues