Medical Pathway

El Cajon Valley High School

Health Pathway Opportunities CURRENT

Are you interested in becoming a:

  • Geneticist, Scientist, Veterinarian?

  • Pharmacist, Lab Tech, Clinical Researcher?

  • Therapist: Physical, Speech, Respiratory

  • Technician: Surgical, X-ray, Laboratory?

  • Fire Fighter, Paramedic, or EMT?

  • Medical Examiner, Forensics scientist?

  • Kinesiologist or Athletic Trainer?

  • Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner?

  • Doctor, Surgeon, Dentist, Psychiatrist?

Get a jump start!

Join a group of students with similar goals and motivation!

Become knowledgeable in medical & science subjects not traditionally offered in high school!

Fulfill your high school requirements while learning skills that will help you in your medical career!

For more information contact:

Lynette Smith, Pathway Coordinator

Instagram @smithecvhs

GUSHD District Pathway Website

HEVI Internship Graduate 2021, Marseel Rassam

The Medical Pathway is a series of classes designed for students interested in careers in the medical field, or just interested in biology and the human body. Students are welcome to join in any grade level.

9th/10th Grade - Medical or Honors Biology

10th/11th Grade - Medical or Honors Chemistry

11th/12th Grade - Physiology

11th/12th Grade - Health Careers in the Community

ECV Medical Pathway Completion Requirements

GUHSD District Pathway Completion Requirements

The Medical Pathway Offers:

  • Medically relevant, engaging curriculum

  • Use of medical equipment in specialized labs

  • Healthcare guest speakers

  • Field trips to hospitals, clinics, biotech and research companies, colleges, and universities

  • CPR Certification

  • Job shadows

  • Internships at hospitals and health facilities

  • Healthcare professional mentors

  • Career research

  • HIPAA certification

  • Medical Book Studies

  • Medical Club

  • Student conferences and scholarships

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Funding for the Medical Pathway comes from California State Grants and from the Grossmont Healthcare District with the goal of strengthening high school students’ preparation for careers in high-wage, high demand industry sectors – namely, healthcare. This program is also supported by Career and Technical Education program of Grossmont Union High School District.

The primary goals are to :

  • Increase health/medical career awareness

  • Improve science proficiency in middle school, high school and college science courses

  • Ease student transition to post-secondary programs and improve retention rates