Global Language and Leadership Program

Welcome to the Global Language andLeadership Program (GLLP) at El Capitan High School!

GLLP student on stage in Beijing as part of the International Confucius Competition

Overview of GLLP

Community and Global Leadership

Cultural Perspectives

Capstone Project and Internships

Opportunities to Travel and Study Abroad

Biliteracy or Triliteracy Seal

Specialized Diploma

The Global Language & Leadership Program at El Capitan High School provides an innovative and rigorous course of study for students who are interested in further developing multiple language proficiencies in high school. Our goal is to provide a dynamic, international perspective to students who wish to continue with rigorous language and cultural studies from their middle schools. El Capitan High School offers a flexible choice of AP courses and content in the target languages of study.

Students are exposed to multiple options for high-level language studies, global issues across all course disciplines, flexible opportunities for study abroad, career internships at the local level, and project-based learning. By pursuing the path of the GLLP, they will exceed the requirements for the UC/CSU system and earn the seal of biliteracy or triliteracy on a specialized diploma upon graduation.

While enrolled in the Global Language & Leadership Program, students can remain involved in a variety of high school experiences. Schedules will be flexible enough that language immersion students can take a variety of AP classes, while also participating in athletics, performing and visual arts, ASB, AVID, and CTE. Technology will be an integral component for all grade levels. Students enrolled in the GLL Program will meet or exceed the UC/CSU requirements for graduation.


Abigail Anders

GLLP Coordinator


Language Courses

Incoming GLLP students will select a language specialization, just as they would select a college major. Interested students may select a secondary language emphasis, like a minor course of study at the university level.

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AP Language


AP Literature

Teatro en EspaƱol

Historia Mundial

Capstone I Culturas

Capstone II Liderazgo Global





7/8 H

AP Language

Chinese Theater in Mandarin

Innovation Award for Collaboration Winner 2017

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"My son was involved in the Chinese Bridge Competition as a freshman. Yesterday, he competed again as a junior. Watching him perform with such an enthusiastic presence and confidence was amazing. I want to thank Ms. Chang for all of her efforts on every level - such an inspiration to her students, and to see all of the hard work pay off was wonderful."