GTSD Summer Enrichment

Happy Summer!

It has been a successful school year in Greenwich and we want to continue that progress! All students in the Greenwich Township School District are encouraged to "feed their brains" during the summer break through reading, play, travel, exploration, and even relaxation.

In addition to recommended activities, students entering grades 2-8 have a required assignment that is due Friday, September 8. The required activities have been planned to be a small part of the summer learning experience. Students should visit the page for their September grade to find all of the details for the assignment.

Visit the Questions page to learn how to access the activities and see the responses to frequently asked questions.

District Theme: Social Studies

This year we ask that when you choose a book for your summer project, that you select reading material that touches on the district wide theme of social studies. What is social studies? Social studies is an educational discipline that includes many different branches of the study of human society. This includes: civics, history, geography, anthropology, archaeology, economics, philosophy, religion, sociology, law, political science. Social studies is everywhere, and I'm sure you will find it in everything you read!

Each grade band includes suggested reading that incorporates the school theme in some way. These suggested reading lists are just that -- suggestions. Students are invited to read what interests them, in the format they prefer. See the About page for more on this.

GTSD Summer Enrichment is organized by The Greenwich School and Stewartsville Middle School. Please visit the Questions page to see FAQ and leave feedback.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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