Welcome to your COVID-19 resource site:

Masks are not required on campus for students, staff and visitors. Please know that Gateway remains a mask-friendly campus, and individuals who wish to continue wearing masks on campus are welcome to do so.

Top Questions:

  1. Can I come to campus if I'm not feeling well/ my spouse/ or child is not feeling well and I am not fully vaccinated?

    • No, if you or a member of your household are experiencing symptoms or you are not fully vaccinated, you should not come to campus.

  1. Can I come to campus if someone in my household is not feeling well but I am fully vaccinated and symptom free?

    • If you are fully vaccinated, symptom free, and completed the primary series of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine less than 6 months ago or are boosted, or completed the primary series of J&J less than 2 months ago or are boosted you are not required to quarantine. However, if you begin feeling unwell or test positive for COVID you should remain off campus .

  1. What is the first step I need to take if I don't feel well/member of household doesn't feel well/exposed to a positive case?

    • Please refrain from coming to campus and complete a Maxient Incident Report . You will select "COVID 19 Related Symptoms" under the nature of the report section. You will then be contacted by someone from HR (Kellie Johnson, Magan Perez or Heather Halbach) for a follow-up and identification of a return to campus date.

  1. Who do I contact with any questions?

    • You can contact any of the following individuals with any COVID reporting/follow up questions:

5. My child was sent home from school due to possible exposure, do I need to quarantine?

  • As long as your child is well and has not tested positive, then no, you do not need to quarantine as you would be a secondary contact. Should your child not feel well or test positive, though, you would want to quarantine if not fully vaccinated. If you are unable to attend work or class due to your child's quarantine you should submit a Maxient report and provide documentation of the incident.

6. Where does the quarantine/isolation guidance come from?

  • We abide by the same quarantine/isolation guidance as the Tri-County Health Departments and will continue to follow their guidance.