The Eleven Greatest Moments in Pro Football History

In 2013, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, located in Canton, OH, celebrated its 50th anniversary. Leading up to that milestone, a panel of football writers, historians and experts was assembled to comb through the vast, rich history of of the game of professional football and select the eleven greatest moments in professional football (Pro Football Hall of Fame). The only criteria provided to the panel was that the moments selected needed to have "an enduring impact on the game of football". (SportsLifer's Weblog)

The results of the work by the panel were revealed in the book, Pro Football Hall of Fame 50th Anniversary Book, published in 2013. The book was edited by Joe Horrigan who, at the time, served as the Pro Football Hall of Fame's Vice President of Communication and Exhibits, and John Thorn, noted baseball historian (Pro Football Hall of Fame).

The eleven moments, as selected by the panel, are below. Click on each link to navigate to a page about each of the eleven, or click on the three horizontal bars in the upper left hand corner to navigate to each page.

From the Gridiron to the Studio

In conjunction with the development of The Eleven greatest moments in professional football, Arts in Stark, a non-profit arts organization in Canton, OH, launched a campaign to raise finds to create art pieces representing each of these moments, and placing those throughout Downtown Canton. Artists were commissioned to create a variety of art pieces over a several years, with each piece being placed in its location upon completion. At this point, the project is ongoing. Click HERE to see the pieces finished at this point.

After publication of the website reporting on The Eleven moments, students transitioned to the palliate to create artwork depicting their eleven moments. That process is ongoing, and the final artwork will be posted here when completed. Check back often!

Birth of a Website

This website is the result of weeks of careful research, study and writing by the students of Mr. Doug Froelich's second semester Sports in Literature and Media class at Green High School, located in Green, OH. Annually, the class spends five to six weeks studying the history of professional football. Students are then required to produce a capstone project in which they demonstrate their knowledge of the unit content. This semester, students produced this website.

In completing the project, students consulted a variety of sources to gain an understanding of each of these moments and collaborated with one another throughout the process. The class also had the opportunity to visit with Mr. Joe Horrigan, Pro Football Hall of Fame Executive Director, who provided additional insight and knowledge about each of these moments.

Finally, the class worked collaboratively to design and build the website you see here.

For the art portion of the assignment, students partnered with Mr. Floyd Juszli, Green High School art teacher, to study the art of football, and to begin work on their own art pieces. Mr. Robb Hankins, Executive Director of Arts in Stark, visited the class to talk about the organization's The Eleven campaign. Students were able to see the completed work up close and hear how the project came about.

Photo credit: Pro Football Hall of Fame