New Copier Information

In August and September 2019, all large copiers and main office multi-function units will be upgraded to new Toshiba copiers with badge control.

All staff must "sign in" at the new copiers to make copies or release printing jobs. There are three ways to do this:

1) Type in your network username and password, OR

2) Train the copier to recognize your GCSD ID badge by following the directions below.

After you do #2 you can also...

3) Type in just your ID Badge Number (must have completed method 2 first at any copier) in the "ID Number" field on the copier. Skip leading zeros (e.g. 01034 → 1034). See directions and picture of ID Badge below to locate your ID Badge Number.

Non-Greece employees who need regular copier/scan access (such as BOCES employees) must have a GCSD computer network account to sign into the copiers. Such persons must complete this form annually to request an account. Please use GCSD administrator most closely associated with your assignment on form. AFTER obtaining a network account they may also request a copier convenience PIN from

All print jobs wait in a queue until the user scans their badge at a copier. This reduces unneeded copies and protects the privacy of the information printed.

► For repair/malfunction support, please contact Toshiba via menu option #2 at extension 2222.

► For help with how to use the new devices go to Toshiba’s website at and search by Mono or color for your specific model number or reach out for support or training to the Toshiba account team by emailing requests to


GCSD Toshiba Copier Papercut Poster.pdf

ID badge number

  • Could be 4 or more digits
  • Ignore leading zeros (e.g. 01034 → 1034)

How to add the new copier print queue to your computer

Add Toshiba print queue.webm

How to add Toshiba Copier Print Queue

1) Type "control" in white Windows Start box (lower left) or use magnifying glass icon.

2) Type "printer" in the upper right search box

3) Click on "View devices and printers"

4) Click "Add a Printer"

5) Click "The printer that I want isn't listed"

6) Click "Find a printer in the directory" then click "Next"

7) Type "GCSD" in the Name box then click "Find Now"

8) Double click the GCSD queue that matches your school/building

Delivery/Installation/Training Schedule

GCSD Copier Schedule