Gravesend Grammar School


School Vision

Motto: Consule Cunctis - Take thought for everyone

Ethos: Opportunity and challenge in a caring environment

School Values: Respect, Hard work, Friendship, Exploration

Teacher values (7 principles of public life): Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty, Leadership

Curriculum mission: We wish to aid students in approaching subject mastery across a broad, balanced and demanding knowledge based curriculum that equips them with the key knowledge and skills required for the challenges and world ahead of them. In whatever challenges they choose to pursue we will strive to equip them to become the best linguist, mathematician and scientist (etc) they can be. The starting point for this is with identifying the knowledge they require and how we can best engage them in this study. A challenging knowledge base will raise aspirations whereby high achievement and attainment will follow alongside the moulding of well-rounded adults adhering to our School motto of Consule Cunctis (take thought for everyone).

Curriculum Intent:

  • Be considered as the totality of pupil experiences that occur in the educational process.

  • Be broad and balanced, delivering a deep, rich content sequenced across the years, encompassing a wide variety of disciplines, skill sets and challenges.

  • Have disciplines contained within that are demanding / rigorous and allow pupils to excel in an increasingly competitive world environment.

  • Build on prior learning, linked to the next phase, opening as many doors and providing guidance towards achieving future aspirational goals (broadening horizons, allowing students to thrive as individuals, succeed in educational outcomes and future career aspirations)

  • Build a strength of character and resilience, allow for creativity and the self to be explored, to discover opportunities to realise our core pillars (respect, hard work, friendship, Exploration)

  • Expose our students over a longer term to ‘Essential Knowledge’ across multiple disciplines that will make them more knowledgeable and humane adults (Consule Cunctis). Confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.

  • Utilise a mastery approach where students can engage in meaningful struggle with appropriate metacognitive follow up.

  • Offer opportunities outside of the classroom to further their experience & understanding of the world they inhabit and how the curriculum applies.

  • Offer an equality of access with a variety of routes, taking into account individual needs which does not limit any student’s capacity to realise their potential.

  • The three key stages should complement each other to provide maximum opportunity to excel and enter the real world ready to contribute positively (Consule Cunctis).

Key Stage Booklets

KS3 Parents Handbook

KS4 Guide Book

KS5 Prospectus