School Health

When to keep your child home.

We want your child to be at his best when he/she is in school. To protect your child and the health of the entire school, please follow these guidelines and keep your child home for any of the following:

  • A fever over 100° (Fahrenheit)
  • 24 hours after starting an antibiotic
  • 24 hours after symptoms of stomach flu have subsided (such as vomiting or diarrhea)
  • A persistent cough or chest pain, or if your child is having a hard time swallowing
  • An earache with persistent pain
  • Crusty, draining and red eyes
  • An unfamiliar rash, or a rash that hasn't been examined by a doctor

District Nurse Consultant

Grand Blanc Community Schools employs a full time nurse to assist with medical needs, staff training on medical conditions and medications, as well as health promotion. The District Nurse travels to all 13 buildings and is a resource for our schools.

To contact our district nurse, Rachel O'Mara, please email her at

Food Allergy Awareness

There are about 5.9 million kids living with food allergies, 1 in 13 kids under the age of 18. Nearly 40% of those kids have suffered a severe or life-threatening reaction. We would like to increase awareness about food allergies by reminding students and parents of the following:

  • Food allergies are very serious. It is not a joking matter.
  • Reactions can be life threatening.
  • Preventing exposure is crucial
  • Don’t share food, forks, knives, spoons, or straws with friends
  • Wash hands after eating. Some people with food allergies can get sick even if they are touched by something that has a tiny bit of food on it.
  • Food allergies can make Halloween even scarier. Please remember not to bring anything with nuts into the classroom.
  • If a friend with allergies is sick, tell an adult right away. This will make sure that your friend gets help and gets the medicine they need to feel better.

MI Heart Safe School Certifications

Nurse O'Mara is currently working with emergency response teams (MERT) in all buildings to become Michigan Heart-Safe certified. Perry Innovation Center, Grand Blanc High School, East and West Middle School have already earned the certification, while work is ongoing in all of our elementary schools!