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Galena Park ISD

Galena Park Middle School

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The mission of the Galena Park Independent School District School Counseling program is to contribute positively and successfully to the educational, personal, emotional, social, and career development of all students by providing a comprehensive, developmental, and individualized counseling program. Our counselors work in partnership with other educators, parents, and community members, to ensure all students are prepared with the knowledge and skills needed to function successfully in society.

Our counselors offer a proactive support system to address individual student academic or behavioral concerns. Please contact your school counselor and let him/her know what your child's needs or concerns are.

Our goal is to help children develop skills to work to their fullest potential and prepare all students to be lifelong learners.

The privacy rights of students and their families are protected to the extent possible according to legal and ethical guidelines FERPA.

What is a Comprehensive Counseling Program?

This program focuses on the unique needs of the students. This ensures that students' academic, career, personal, and social skills are addressed and met through guidance curriculum, responsive services, individual planning, and system support.