Reimagining our schools and providing future-ready opportunities for the Governor Mifflin community.

Project Summary

In 2017, the Governor Mifflin School Board approved an official facilities study of the secondary campus, which includes Governor Mifflin High School and Middle School. The study focused on the replacement of building equipment (HVAC units, roofs, etc...) that were at or past the end of the recommended life cycle while also evaluating how the current school buildings support current and future educational programming for students. The cost of necessary repairs for mechanical equipment and bringing the 60+ year old buildings up to code was estimated to be $40 million.

Seeing the cost of required maintenance, district leaders received school board approval to continue to evaluate the other options for modernizing the school buildings to hopefully find efficient and impactful ways to complete upgrades and improvements. Throughout 2017 and 2018, district leaders and architects from The Schrader Group engaged a group of staff members, students, parents, retirees, municipal and business leaders in a series of meetings to better understand how the high school and middle school currently serve the educational process and our community. This group of community members also shared ideas from their diverse first-hand experiences to help shape this building project.

After evaluating building projects that ranged from razing current buildings and building new to focusing only on the mechanical and codes upgrades, the district proposed a plan that aimed to efficiently and creatively repurpose existing space within the current building footprints. This plan includes capturing the largest spaces within each school building, the athletic spaces, and relocating that space to a modern community center to be constructed along Governor Mifflin Stadium. Not only does this plan redesign the current buildings in ways that will better support and enhance the academic, music, arts, and career preparation programming, but the new community center will serve the larger community as a welcoming space designed to be used  by all members of the community for youth and varsity athletics, meeting and classroom space, and other gathering activities.

Construction Plan

The majority of the improvements are the result of aging systems, structures, and accessibility standards. The addition of a new community center allows for the repurposing of space within existing schools.

Academic Impact

By removing athletic spaces from both the high school and middle school, both buildings can recapture and reimagine the existing space in ways that enhance current and future learning opportunities.


There will be no tax millage increase as the result of the building project. The district is able to take advantage of historically low interest rates and restructured debt.

Building History

Governor Mifflin High School and Middle School were built in the 1950s and have not seen significant renovations in several decades.

Monthly Updates

Updates regarding this project are available to the public at the work session meetings of the Governor Mifflin School Board. These meetings are typically held on the first Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. Please click here to see the most up-to-date meeting schedule.

Video recordings of school board meetings, including building project updates during work sessions, are also available online by clicking here. 

November 6, 2023 Building Project Update 

GMACC Update 11 06 23.pdf

Governor Mifflin School District was initially contracted with SchraderGroup and SiteLogiq for the following for facility study, architectural design, and logistical planning services. For Phase Three of the project, our district will utilize the services of SchraderGroup and Burkey Construction.