St. Andrew's Continuity of Learning Plan

We are planning for a variety of scenarios in which in-person classroom instruction is not possible for some portion of our community or the entire community. This St. Andrew’s Episcopal School Continuity of Learning Plan is a living document that will be continually revised to serve as a set of expectations, guidelines, and resources to aid the faculty members should a transition from in-person to hybrid or fully online teaching be required.

We firmly believe that, while moving teaching online requires familiarity with new tools and approaches, good teaching is good teaching. The same skills that make our faculty distinctive will carry them through any necessary shifts. In all formats, students need a faculty member who communicates clearly, models acquisition of content and skills, chooses a range of engaging texts and experiences to bring texts alive, checks for understanding consistently, and responds with flexibility to the whole child or adolescent at all times. We are certain that, whether teaching face-to-face or via online platforms, the excellence and humanity that marks our faculty will shine through.