Football is a tough sport! That is why we love it. At the same time, we all have concerns when it comes to the risk of injury and head trauma for our children. The information below may be helpful for better understanding some of the safety initiatives taken by Golden Youth Football to improve player safety. Also included are technological advances in equipment and some resources to learn more.

USA Football Coach Certification and Training

  • All Golden Youth Football coaches are required to complete formal USA Football training/certification on safe tackling/blocking techniques, concussion recognition (among other injuries such as cardiac arrest and heat stroke) and response.

  • Coaches limit full contact practice time according to USA football guidelines.

  • Players are taught using principles from USA Football's 'Heads Up Tackling' program, which limits use of the head/helmet in tackling.

Technological Advances in Equipment

  • Helmet technology has evolved to greatly improve impact resistance with new advances yearly. Examples like the Vicis Zero2 have taken revolutionary approach as to how the football helmet works.

  • Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings provides the public with impact testing data for a majority of helmets on the market.

  • Q-Collar is an innovative approach to keeping more blood in the head during sports activities, which is thought to provide internal cushioning for repetitive impacts. Sounds a little strange, but science backs it up. This product is cleared as a class II medical device by the FDA based on clinical data/studies provided to the agency. We have a number of kids using Q-Collar.

  • Use of Guardian Caps has exploded with the NFL implementing them in practices for the 2022 season. While the claims and science for this product lag behind products like Q-Collar, there is evidence that adding this reduces impact by 10-30%. Our 8th grade team, where impact is the highest, implemented Guardian Caps at practice for the 2022 season, and will be donating these to the future 8th grade teams!


Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings

Access helmet ratings for both youth and varsity helmets, as well as studies and publications.


Product/purchase information as well as scientific information, data and research.

Guardian Cap

Product/purchase information some testing results.

USA Football

Learn more about coach certification and youth tackles programs.

Golden Youth Football is not affiliated with any of the companies or products listed above other than USA football