Equipment Checklist for Fall Tackle Football, Grades 4th-8th

Required and color specific:

Other Required equipment:

Common Optional Equipment:  

Where to Find Equipment

Game Jerseys and Pants

Destination Athlete


All teams will be wearing new uniforms this year!  We have created a more modern look and will now also have a reversible jersey to provide contrasting white uniforms!

Uniform Fittings Sunday June 25 at Golden High School

8am - 10am, 6th Grade - Beam

10am - 12pm, 7th Grade - Gallegos

12pm-2pm, 8th Grade - Varner

2pm-3pm, 4/5th Grade - Coach TBD 

If you want to ensure you can pick a number and have your name on your jersey, make sure you are registered and fitted before July 6.  We have to get orders in to guarantee uniforms in time for the season.

Helmets and Shoulder Pads

Preferred venders: 

Alternate venders:  

Helmet painting:  

Other equipment

Practice jerseys, pants, cleats, etc. can be purchased at any sporting goods supplier including the ones mentioned above.  Watch for communications from us about Golden Youth Football Shop Days from Dick's Sporting Goods and others.

Supplier Discounts and Coupons