Equipment Checklist for Fall Tackle Football, Grades 4th-8th

Required and color specific:

Other Required equipment:

  • Shoulder pads

  • Football cleats (molded cleats acceptable for all grades, detachable cleats allowed for 6th-8th grade)

  • Mouth guard

  • Practice jersey

  • Practice pants (not required, but recommended)

Common Optional Equipment:

  • Visors (only clear visors are permitted by the league), gloves, back plates, padded undershirts

Where to Find Equipment

Game Jerseys and Pants

Renegade B&H Sports

4550 S. Kipling St. #11,

Denver, CO 80127

(303) 986-9515

New and returning players needing a new jersey should schedule a fitting at B&H. Tell B&H staff you play for Golden Youth Football, your name, grade and two jersey number choices (returning players will be able to keep their previous number) when you book your appointment.

Schedule my Fitting

Jerseys order cutoff dates will be communicated closer to the start of the fall season

Helmets and Shoulder Pads

Preferred venders:

  • Renegade B&H Sports - Experience fitting our organization. Variety of brands/models and products on-site for accurate sizing.

  • Dick's Sporting Goods - In-store offerings as well as online options. Periodic discounts for our organization.

Alternate venders:

  • Helmets and shoulder pads can also be purchased from a variety of other online and in-store companies. Be sure you know correct sizes and are purchasing from a reputable vendor, especially for helmets as these products carry certifications from the manufacturer.

Helmet painting:

  • 2022 proved just how bad the supply chain crisis could be. Several families had to use helmets that were not Golden colors. There are services that can paint helmets if this happens. Harco Athletic is a company out of Ft. Collins that has has been referred to us several times.

Other equipment

Practice jerseys, pants, cleats, etc. can be purchased at any sporting goods supplier including the ones mentioned above. Watch for communications from us about Golden Youth Football Shop Days from Dick's Sporting Goods and others.

Supplier Discounts and Coupons

Check back for discounts and coupons