Unit 5 Design Project

As we have learned design is everywhere and in most of what we do. Design is intentional, impactful and at time invisible. Your final project is all about making a big statement by creating a small design.

Module 5: Design Project

Students will be expected to:

5.1 Develop and refine a proposal for an investigation or the development of a product, communication, or environment

5.2 Identify information needs and locate and evaluate resources

5.3 Identify and extend, refine, and/or acquire required skills

5.4 Share research and reflections

5.5 Make project decisions which demonstrate creativity, innovation, and a willingness to take risks

5.6 Set deadlines and develop a work plan to manage time and resources

5.7 Develop a plan for monitoring their progress and judging success and contribute to the criteria used for evaluation

5.8 Gather, organize, and synthesize information and ideas

5.9 Present the results of their work

5.91 Reflect on and assess their own learning and the learning of others


small design - BIG statement

Design a set of micro-scenes in the style on Slinkachu Photograph each of your scenes from at least three distances: extreme closeup, midshot, longshot

Your designs should make a social statement. That statement can restated in each scene or overall message can be made by the viewer considering all the scenes.

I started working with miniatures in 2006. My work involves remodelling and painting of miniature model train set characters, which I then place and leave on the street. It is both sculpture, street art installation and photography. The street-based side of my work plays with the notion of surprise and I aim to encourage city-dwellers to be more aware of their surroundings. The scenes I set up, more evident through the photography and the titles I give these scenes, aim to reflect the loneliness and melancholy of living in a big city; the universal sense of being overlooked, lost and overwhelmed. But along side this there is always some humour in my works. The modern world can be a preposterous place to live and I encourage empathy with the tiny people struggling to get by.


designed to learned

Reimagine the classroom as we know it. Reimagine schools as they are currently designed. Consider the following as you design your blueprint:

  • How has learning changed since the original classroom design was established?
  • How will technology be best integrated into your classroom/school?
  • How will your design address inequalities and social realities?


Design Evolution

This is a time machine project. You will be designing a multimedia showcase of the evolution of a particular product. The project will look at the invention, introduction and evolution of a particular consumer product, institution, or place.

  • Phones
  • Cars
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Theme Parks
  • Sports Stadiums