Unit 2 - The Built Environment


School Blueprint

Tour of an environment (school) –Look at design functions of each space and the effect of the place on each subject, attempting to isolate the factors or conditions which stimulate moods and concepts within the student. Students create a model of the existing design classroom.

Design Classroom Resign

Students redesign an existing space at the school to become the new Design 11 classroom. Design teams will focus on: layout, furniture and technology. There is no budget constraints but teams will have to create an itemized cost breakdown. Presentation made in Google Slides.


Profit Maps

Commercial design is anchored by profit. Students will examine how grocery stores, retail stores and restaurants are designed to generate the most sales. Students will tour and create commercial maps for three different commercial spaces - focusing on the consumer experience.

How the Layouts of Grocery Stores are Secretly Designed to Make You Spend More Money.mp4

Module 2: The Built Environment - Specific Curriculum Outcomes

Students will be expected to:

2.1 Describe how human requirements affect design

2.2 Describe how the environment has an impact on design

2.3 Demonstrate and understanding of the impact of a living environment on human beings

2.4 Describe how social, cultural, and economic issues have an impact on design

2.5 Describe the responsibility design has toward the human and natural environment

2.6 Demonstrate competency in the use of design tools useful in the design of built environments

2.7 Apply the elements, principles and processes associated with design in interior, architectural, and/or environmental designs to address human and or environmental needs

2.8 Organize and present design projects