Unit 2 - The Built Environment

Insights on Automotive Design with Veejay Gahir

Module 2: The Built Environment - Specific Curriculum Outcomes

Students will be expected to:

2.1 Describe how human requirements affect design

2.2 Describe how the environment has an impact on design

2.3 Demonstrate and understanding of the impact of a living environment on human beings

2.4 Describe how social, cultural, and economic issues have an impact on design

2.5 Describe the responsibility design has toward the human and natural environment

2.6 Demonstrate competency in the use of design tools useful in the design of built environments

2.7 Apply the elements, principles and processes associated with design in interior, architectural, and/or environmental designs to address human and or environmental needs

2.8 Organize and present design projects

2. What made you get in car design?

3. What was the first car you worked on?

4. What car are you most proud of designing

5. What was your first car?

6. What was your education like?

7. Has education in the automotive changed?

8.What would you recommend to someone attempting to get into the automotive design industry?

9. How does automotive design compare to other fields like industrial design?

10. Do designers tend to specialize?

11. Is it normal to for designers to cross between fields?

12. How much engineering should a designer know?

13. How long does it take to go from concept phase to sales floor?

14. What are the biggest challenges facing designers today?

15. How do you make the interior of a car comfortable?

16. What are some of the more difficult project you've worked on?

17. What are the biggest challenges in designing the interior of a car?

18. How has the design of interiors changed during the course of your career?

19. What are some of the biggest design influences in the automotive industry?

20. What would the inside of a self driving car look like?

21. What are the concerns in designing noncombustion-driven vehicles?

22. What are the concerns in designing more eco design in cars?