Module 3 Assignments

Module 3: Communications Design

Students will be expected to:

3.1 Use a variety of communication tools to design and create texts for a range of purposes

3.2 Identify and interpret the strategies they and others use to create texts for specific purposes

3.3 Explain designs’ power to engage (& persuade and audience)

3.4 Observe, listen, critique, and subsequently learn from their own ideas and the insights offered by peers

Product Life Cycle

Review the information on product life cycles and provide detailed examples of:

  • Fad product
  • Niche product
  • Seasonal product

For each example note the price, market, logo and marketing campaign (print and video).

Product Life Cycle
Logo Logic

Logo Breakdown

Review the elements of advertising identity

  • Brand Name
  • Logo
  • Slogan

Make a copy of the slideshow and identify the hidden elements of the example logos.

Brand Names

  • Complete the table assessing the logic behind famous brand names
  • Write an article summary on choosing an effective business name
  • The good, the bad and the ugly in brand names
  • Micro-research on branding
  • Brand building - create a brand name, logo and slogan, using, for the following industries: beauty, home building and bakery
Brand Names?