Google Sheets

Assignment #1

Introduction to Formatting

This lesson gives you an opportunity to learn how to use the spreadsheet program Google Sheets, which is basically like an online version of Excel. Specifically, you will learn the essentials of entering data, formatting fonts and tables, merging columns and formatting a number rounded to the desired place value.


Assignment #2

Basic Math

In this activity, you create and format a fictional data table which displays how many days of sunshine occurred month by month for various U.S. cities. You will practice using the functions of SUM and Average to function is used to calculate the monthly averages for the cities.


Assignment #3

Shopping List Math

In this lesson, you create a dynamic, sortable grocery list which contains some basic math. You will learn to create custom formulas for multiplication (units x unit prices). Additionally you will use the SUM function that is built into Google Sheets to total up how much money has been spent on groceries.



Assignment #4

School Grades Math

The math covered in this assignment is the review of the SUM and AVERAGE functions, and students are shown how to use division to calculate percentages for grades. Basic formatting is reviewed here, and the Paint Format button is introduced to demonstrate a valuable time-saving shortcut for students.


Assignment #5

Basketball Stats

In this lesson you will be working on slightly more complex math in Google Sheets using some common basketball stats. Here, you enter some fictional data for an NBA team and calculate things such as Field Goal %, Free Throw %, Rebounds Per Game and Points Per Game. You must use some order of operations and brackets to make the math work out properly.


Assignment #6

Smoothie Sales

You are the owner of a fictional Smoothie store is used here as the basis for learning how to create pie charts to display information visually. You will use some math functionality in Google Sheets to calculate totals units sold, sales, and total sales with a tax applied. You will also review some basic formatting skills to change the appearance of a table of sales data.


Assignment #7

Bowling Stats

In this activity, you will populate a spreadsheet with fictional data from a preseason bowling tournament. You will use the AVERAGE function to calculate the bowler's average score for 5 strings. Conditional formatting is used as you are introduced to the IF function which assigns each bowler to Division 1 or Division 2 for the upcoming season based on their scores.


Assignment #8

Balance Sheet

In this lesson you get a chance to create a balance sheet similar to what you would see in a bank statement. Fictional debit and credit transactions are typed in and you create a custom math function to calculate a running bank balance. This lesson also explores some data validation techniques to make data entry more accurate.


Assignment #9

Data Capture

You have an opportunity to review how to create charts in the lesson based on data they select from their data populated sheets. A valuable shortcut called "Filling Down" is demonstrated so that you can click and drag to quickly reuse the functions and avoid retyping. You will also review basic formatting in Google Sheets including changing fonts, colors, etc...


Assignment #10

Bucket List

This is a comprehensive project involving multiple Google Apps, budgeting math skills, and some serious room for student creativity, you have come to the right place. You will do research and then use Sheets to illustrate and assess the journey that your bucket list. This project will likely take 5-10 class periods to complete, depending on your skill level.


Assignment #11

Endangered Species Project

This project introduces you to some formatting tricks to make your Google Sheets look great. The premise is you research and present 10 animals that are on the endangered species list. You will list each of the species in the main sheet, and also create an individualized tab (or sheet) that lists more information about the species.


Assignment #12

Time Tracker Project

In this project, you enter in fictional data for some students relating to how they spend their time when not in school. Time is broken into the following categories; homework, reading, exercise, watching TV and playing video games. The data is on a per-week basis.


Assignment #13

Employee Information Project

You work at a t-shirt manufacturing company called “Tim’s Tees”. The company accepts online orders, then designs and sends t-shirts to customers. The company has grown rapidly and has had to hire a bunch of new employees. The "boss" wants you to move the spreadsheet from Excel to Google Sheets. He also wants you to “clean up the data”.


Assignment #14

School Data Project

You will learn all about how to work with dates in Google Sheets. The idea is to type in some fictional students from a school. Students will see how they can use the built-in functionality of Google Sheets to quickly figure out date calculations. You will also learn how to tell Google Sheets to format the dates just as they want to see them.


Assignment #15

Frank's Catering Project

You have just been hired at a new catering company called “Frank’s Catering”. The company is so new they literally have had just one job, to cater a retirement party for a local family doctor. Your job is to organize the paper copy of an invoice into a digital invoice constructed in Google Sheets. Along the way you will learn many skills, including math functions, create custom functions, using "named ranges" and formatting tips and shortcuts


Assignment #16

Pivot Tables Project

You take on the role of fitness instructor who has to create a multi-table Google Sheet to better organize your client, service, and billing information. Additionally, you will learn useful real-world tricks and tips to promote accurate data entry and simple data analysis. The main take away skill for this project is you gaining the ability to create Pivot Tables to create valuable alternate views of important information.