Student Services

Welcome to the Student Services Department at Horton High School.

Whether it be for personal/academic counselling or course selections, we are here to help.  Appointments can be arranged through our administrative assistant, Ms. Cope.  If it is during a class, students need to have an appointment slip.  Grade 11 & 12 students with a Study Library/Free are encouraged to make their appointments at that time.  

Our Student Services Team:  Administrative Assistant:  Amanda Cope

Grade 9/11 Counsellor: Ms. Sandy Coldwell

 Grade 10/12 Counsellor: Ms. Nancy Hennebery

The Counselling Centre

The counselling centre is part of student services. Specific services, programs and initiatives are planned and carried out in collaboration with school personnel, parent/guardians, community members and other professionals.

The counselling program operates in four domains related to the personal, social, academic and career development of students. Activities and programs in each domain are designed to develop in students an increased capacity to: (a) understand and appreciate themselves (personal development), (b) relate effectively to others (social development), (c) develop appropriate educational plans (academic development), and develop appropriate career plans (career development).