Course Selection

Proper course selection is an important component in ensuring success in high school.  Successful course selection needs to meet three criteria;

Counsellors at Charles P. Allen want to make sure that students are on the right path towards their graduation and career goals.  If you are unsure of where to start then please read the course selection guide or contact the guidance office.  If you are concerned about your path or if plans have changed, please make an appointment to talk with your guidance counsellor about options.

Course Selection Documents for Grade 9 Students Coming to CPA in September

Course Selection Book for
Grade 9 Students

Grade 10 2023-2024 Course Selection Book - Final.docx (2).pdf

Incoming Grade 10 Course Selection Worksheets (Complete the worksheet that applies to you)

Grade 10 English Program Course Selection Worksheet

Grade 10 French Immersion Worksheet

Grade 10 Pre-IB Worksheet

O2 Application

Course Selection Presentation and Information for Grade 9 parents and students entering CPA in September of 2023.

Grade 9 Course Selection Presentation (1).pptx.pdf

Martial Arts 11 Promo Video

Course Selection Documents for Current High School Students (Gr 10s & 11's)

Gr 10 & 11 Course Selection Book

2023-2024 Course Selection Book for 11 & 12.pdf

Gr 10 & 11 Course Selection Worksheet

Worksheet course selection 2023 - 2024.pdf

Gr. 10 & 11 Course Selection Information Video

Grade 10 and 11 Presentation.mp4

Gr. 10 & 11 Course Selection Presentation 

Grade 10 and 11 Course Selection Presentation 2022 2023.pdf