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We respectfully acknowledge that we are in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People. This territory is covered by the “Treaties of Peace and Friendship” which Mi’kmaq and Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet) People first signed with the British Crown in 1725. The treaties did not deal with surrender of lands and resources, but instead recognized Mi’kmaw and Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet) title and established the rules for what was to be an ongoing relationship between nations.

Updated: May 19th, 2022

Nova Scotia's Education Department is removing the requirement for people to wear masks inside schools. The mask mandate will end on May 24, the first day back after the upcoming long weekend. Masks will continue to be recommended and anyone choosing to keep wearing one will be supported.

Wow- its May already! The sun is out more, and I can see the buds coming on the trees. May also means that it’s track and field time! We have a strong track team this year, and we wish them the best of luck at the district championships on May 18th and 19th. Spring also means softball season. Our softball team has also started to swing their bats and throw balls. We also wish them the best of luck in their season.

May is also a time where we are well into the planning for next year. Our grade 8 students will soon be doing their orientation and transition meetings for grade 9, and we are also planning for our incoming students from Chester District School and Aspotogan. Stay tuned for more information on these. As there is a rollout of the new curriculum for grades 7 and 8 next year, we are making some changes to CAMS to be more responsive to the curriculum changes.

Jay Thomas, principal

Chester Area Middle School

May Long Weekend!

Monday, May 23rd is Victoria Day. There is no school for students on this day.

Grade 8 Assessments Are Coming Up

Here are the dates for the assessments:

Literacy: May 25, 26

Numeracy: May 31, June 2

Below is an information pamphlet concerning the assessments. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher.

Parent Info Grade 8 Assessments.pdf

Track & Field Regionals May 27th & 28th

Congratulations to our track team for a great showing at the District Track & Field Meet on may 18th & 19th. A big congratulations to our Cougars who are going to be competing in the Regional Track Meet on May 27th & 28th: Seth Evans, Kurtis Harper, Ayden Delay, Jayden Bond, Oakley Webb, Armani Berry, Dawson Williams, Lydia Pineo, Eve Mossman, Ceili Chapman, Jessie-Lynn Sawler, Paitlyn Gates

Updated School Covid Procedures

1) As of May 24th, masks will no longer be mandatory in schools; however, we continue to recommend the use of masks

2) Students will return to moving from class to class instead of the teacher moving (applies primarily to grades 7 and 8)

3) Lockers will be used again

4) Students will return to eating lunch in the cafeteria instead of their classrooms. We will continue to have a lunch for the grades 5/6 and one for the 7/8's

5) Breakfast program will be served in the main foyer.

6) In-person meetings will now be the default format for meetings.

If the province announces any changes, we will update parents and students. Otherwise, we are planning on the above to occur on March 21st. Please refer to www.novascotia.ca for all updated guidelines and isolations protocols.

SchoolCash Online is our preferred method of payment for school fees, including everything from field trips to yearbooks to lunches. You are now able to sign-up for SchoolCash Online by clicking on the logo. See below for the April cafeteria menu!

Here is the May 2022 Newsletter:

CAMS Community Newsletter May 2022.pdf

Tick Prevention

We are now into warmer weather, which means ticks are out. Ticks carry diseases such as Lyme Disease which can affect people. Reducing your exposure to ticks lowers your chances of getting a tickborne disease. If you work or play outdoors, you should:

  • Wear insect repellents with at least 20% DEET.

  • Avoid wooded and brushy areas with high grass and leaf litter.

  • Walk in the center of trails.

  • Wear long-sleeved, light-colored clothing.

  • Tuck your pant legs into your socks and your shirt into your pants.

  • Check your clothing and gear for ticks and do a full-body tick check when coming back indoors. Pay special attention to under the arms, behind the knees, between the legs, in and around the ears, in the belly button, around the waist, and in the hair.

  • Take a shower within two hours after spending time outdoors, which will wash off any unattached ticks.

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