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Chester District School!

Dear CDS Families,

Since the announcement that formal learning will end on June 5, we have been working on a plan for the retrieval of student belongings at Chester District School. We need to make sure we have an efficient plan that ensures we can maintain Public Health protocols during this time. Your child’s classroom teacher will be sending out an email this week with specific appointment times for each family. Access will start the week of June 8 to coincide with the end of formal learning. We know many students have school items to return to the school. This date will allow people to return items following the learning period at the same time as picking up their belongings. If you have multiple children, we are asking that you come during the appointment time of your OLDEST child. We will have items gathered to accommodate this manner.

During your appointment time, we ask that you pull up in the loop area in front of the school. A staff member will be present to help direct families. Please remain in your car. When it is your turn, a staff member will be there to greet you and bring the items to your car. If you wish, you can open your trunk and the staff member can put the bag in your car. Or they can bring it to your door, where you can open the bag if you would like to look through it. If you are walking, please form a line on the sidewalk, following the designated space markings. There will be a staff member who will assist you there as well. Any unlabeled items will be onsite where you will have a chance to look through them and collect any that belong to your child(ren). Please bring any items that belong to the school and need to be returned (ie. technology, books, etc.) during this time unless otherwise directed.

We appreciate your patience as we work to finalize our plans. These are hard, often frustrating and worrisome times, together we’ve got this. Thank you for your continued partnership in supporting your children.

Please take care and stay safe.

Trisha & Melissa


Are you looking to register a new student at Chester District for September 2020? (Pre-Primary to Grade 4) If so, please visit https://registration.ssrce.ca or call 902-543-2468 or 1-888-253-2217 to register. Registrations for the upcoming school year should be completed as soon as possible.


Are you starting pre- primary and or primary? Are you moving to a new school?

Reminder to all parents who have students who will be starting pre-primary and or primary or attending a new school in September. Please ensure you apply for a new bus stop for your children. Students bus stops do not automatically move with the student, parents should contact the SSRCE transportation department by phone at 902-541-8252 email wzinck@ssrce.ca or SSRCE Transportation messenger to inquire about busing arrangements for September 2020.

PLEASE NOTE: If your child will be attending the same school as last year, then your transportation will remain the same unless you are contacted by a transportation department representative.​

The staff of Chester District School wanted to send a message to everyone in our school community to let you know we miss you, and we're thinking about you!

Check out our video message below

We look forward to continuing our learning with you, just in a new way!

Nut Free

Please do not bring nut (peanuts, tree nuts) products into our school. There are students and staff at CDS who have LIFE THREATENING ALLERGIES to these foods.

School Start Time

Instruction starts at 8:00 am for all students. We ask that students arrive no later than 7:55 am so they have plenty of time to get prepared for their morning lessons. Students are welcome to enter the school at 7:40 am.