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Chester District School!

COVID-19 Checklist

The COVID-19 checklist that all students and staff are asked to follow was updated on April 23 (see the link below). These documents have been updated to:

  • reflect the current guidance that all Nova Scotians are strongly encouraged to seek COVID-19 testing if they don’t have symptoms or if they only have one mild symptom, particularly if they have a large number of close contacts;

  • switch the focus from whether or not testing is required, to whether individuals are required to isolate while awaiting test results; and

  • reflect the current changes in travel restrictions.

Please use this checklist daily to screen your child(dren) for symptoms before they come to school each day. We must work together to stay safe. Thank you for your cooperation.

Daily COVID Checklist - April. 2021

Preventing COVID-19 Spread in Schools-Family Fact Sheet

COVID-19 Information

A Parent and Guardians' Guide to the 2020-2021 School Year

Chester District School Back to School Plan 2020-2021

Attention Families: We are looking to hire noon hour supervisors and a casual cafeteria worker for this school year. If you are interested, send an email to cdsprincipal@ssrce.ca. Please share.


Registration for 2021-22

Families can register their child for school (Pre-Primary to Grade 12) at any time.

To limit non-essential visitors, families are encouraged to register using the following steps:

  • Please complete all sections of the online registration form OR download this form and email it to cds@ssrce.ca.

  • You must provide proof of residence (power or water bill), Nova Scotia Health Card and your child’s birth certificate. Please either upload these documents through the online form OR include as an attachment with the email to the school. If either of these options do not work for you, please take a copy to SSRCE regional office at your earliest convenience or to CDS in September 2021.

What families can expect:

You will receive an email/phone call confirming receipt of your registration.

All documentation will be emailed to the CDS for processing. Any further questions can be directed to us.

Need assistance?

Contact: 902-543-2468 or 1-888-252-2217 or 902-541-3004

Nut Free

Please do not bring nut (peanuts, tree nuts) products into our school. There are students and staff at CDS who have LIFE THREATENING ALLERGIES to these foods.

School Start Time

Instruction starts at 8:00 am for all students. We ask that students arrive no later than 7:55 am so they have plenty of time to get prepared for their morning lessons. Students are welcome to enter the school at 7:40 am.