How Courses Work

Our Virtual Advanced Placement courses are taught virtually with video conferencing. Each course takes place two days a week before school, after school, or asynchronously. Teachers provide students with a schedule of classes at the beginning of the school year. In addition, our science and computer science courses have labs at their schools in order to provide students with authentic university lab experiences.

In September, students attend an orientation meeting where they receive support using the video conference program and learn how to navigate their course. In addition, they receive their textbooks, cameras, and headsets needed for the course.

How are Tests Taken?

There are two ways students complete tests and quizzes for their course which is determined by their individual teachers. Most often, students write a paper copy test at their school with their school's AP coordinator. They arrange the time to write on test day with their AP Coordinator. Occasionally, teachers will provide online tests for students to do during class time or on their own time.

How do course marks work?

Students will receive a Nova Scotia transcript marked based on their course work and tests with their teacher. In addition, students write the College Board AP exam in May. The College Board exam mark will become visible to students in July and remains completely separate from the NS transcript mark.