GMSD Strings

Germantown Municipal School District offers String Orchestra classes from 5th grade to 12th grade. In doing so, we help students grow into individual, critically thinking, high-quality musicians.

Click on link below to sign up for 5th grade Orchestra 2022-2023

5th Grade Riverdale and Farmington Orchestras Registration 22-23

Forest Hill and Dogwood 22-23 Registration

5th Grade Forest Hill and Dogwood Orchestras Registration 22-23


What does it cost to participate in 5th grade Orchestra?

The orchestra fee for 5th grade orchestra is $100 for the year. This covers the cost of the orchestra polo, method book, concert hall rental, and various other costs incurred over the year. Students will also need to rent their own instrument. Estimated rental costs are listed below.

Where and when do I pay the orchestra fee?

There will be a link to pay the fee on MySchoolBucks. If for some reason you cannot get the link to work, make a check payable to the school and turn it into me or the front desk. We ask that the fee be paid by the second month of school, but if you need flexibility, just let us know.

Where do I rent an instrument?

Most of my students rent instruments from Amro Music. At the beginning of the school year, I will host a Zoom meeting with parents to discuss all the rental options. A sales representative will be on our Zoom call to explain details.

*Students who play violin and viola will be expected to carry their instrument to and from school.

*Cello/Bass students - I will have school instrument available for you to use at school so you do not need to transport your instrument back and forth

What do I need to rent?

Rental instruments come with an instrument, bow, and case.

Amro sells an “Care Kit” which will include the extra items they will need(shoulder rest, rosin, cleaning cloth, cello anchor for cellists).

Approximate rental costs: (These are only estimates. Contact Amro for specific prices)

Violin:$20-$25 per month

Viola: $25-$30 per month

Cello: $40-$50 per month

Bass: $80-$100 per month

Renter Insurance - Amro also offers rental insurance for an additional fee (appr. $6-$7 a month). This covers the instrument in case of any damage that occurs. With 5th graders, accidents happen. In my experience, rental insurance has been a lifesaver for a few students each year.

Do they make smaller instruments?

Yes! Each instrument comes in a variety of smaller sizes to accommodate each student. I WILL SIZE YOUR CHILD!! At the beginning of the year, I will spend the first class sizing each student so you will know what size instrument to rent. Do not rent an instrument prior to the first class.

When do we meet?

Orchestra class will meet two times a week during Maps/Lamps classes. Typically, orchestra takes place during a general music class and one other Maps/Lamps class. The schedule will be determined the first week of school and sent out to parents asap.

Are there after-school rehearsals?

Rarely. Often, the orchestra is asked to participate in Fine Arts Night which might require one after-school rehearsal, but parents will be notified as soon as possible.

Will there be any concerts?

YES!! We will have two concerts, one in December and one in May. Both will be held at Germantown Performing Arts Center. Dates will be posted as soon as I know.

My child has never read music or played an instrument. Is that ok?

A majority of 5th grade orchestra students cannot read music and have never played an instrument. Learning how to read music and transfer that knowledge to an instrument is the core focus of our 5th grade curriculum.

What if my child plays the piano or another instrument?

Awesome! He/She will have an advantage at reading music.

What if my child has taken private lessons on an orchestral instrument for several years?

Awesome! I probably won’t teach your child anything they don’t already know in the first year of orchestra, but those students tend to motivate other students to excel at a higher level and often will serve as my teacher helper.

If my child joins the 5th grade Orchestra, does he/she have to continue with orchestra in 6th grade?

Not at all. Our hope is to develop a love and passion for orchestra that they will want to continue in middle school, but it is not a requirement.

Do the 5th grade students go on out-of-town field trips?

No, we don’t take orchestra students on out of town field trips until middle school.

Houston High School Orchestra

Dr. Long Long Kang -

Houston Middle/Dogwood/Forest Hill Orchestra

Tony Smith -

Riverdale/Farmington Orchestra

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