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Incoming 6th Grade

We are so glad that you made the right choice, the choice to become a part of the Howard Bishop Hawk Family. Now that you are committed to our program, we want to get you ready for your time in middle school.

Faculty Posts Student Work and Course Descriptions

Now all of our Core Classes have posted descriptions and examples of student work on our Faculty page. Check out our showcased talent and what might be in store for you!

Teacher Spotlight

Dr. Winant's 6th Grade Earth and Space Science Classroom

My experience tells me the best way to learn science is to actually do science! Hands on, discovery- and inquiry-based learning is not just for the classroom it's a life skill. We challenge ourselves to think beyond facts and definitions, instead constructing scientific models to describe and explain concepts, applying our knowledge to real world situations from our backyards to the Everglades to Mars.

Winant curriculum.pdf