EvoKids.de Project

EvoKids.org is an international network for evolution education innovation for students aged 3-12. We are just now in the process working to develop our own original teaching materials across projects in our diverse membership.

In the mean time – we offer you links to the increasingly multi-lingual collection of classroom materials from our friends at EvoKids.de, an independent project of University of Gießen in Germany sharing our aim of teaching evolution early in education!

Previously only available in German, the EvoKids.de curriculum resources are now available in English, French, and Dutch, and can be translated into any official EU language upon request!

Use the direct download links at the bottom of this page, or go to the Scientix Project Page and request the free EvoKids teaching resources in your preferred language!

Below you can find the direct links to the translated copies of the original EvoKids.de lessons.

These are a starting point for more international collaboration in teaching evolution to students of all ages. The global EvoKids.org is working to connect and curate innovative teaching materials expand on this kind of international collaboration. In this context, you will notice the resources linked below are translated into other languages, but the content is not adapted. That is, you may still find references to the German education system, and some text within artwork (e.g. the cover) is still in German.

Use the links below get explore the EvoKids.de resources in your language, and let us know what you think.

Translation services provided by Scientix.eu, the community for science education in europe.