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An Online Database of Children's Books and Videos for Understanding Evolution

Embedded below, our book library allows you to find all of the books in our catalog*. Use the Filter, Sort, and Search options in the top bar to search by language, author, year, concepts, and more!

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Soon we will offer the ability for you to submit your own entries! This is an on-going effort to catalog the international diversity of communicating evolution to primary and middle school students, so check back often to see what is being added!

*Important note: inclusion in the EvoKids Global Library database is not an endorsement or verification of the educational value of any given book. Critically, some of the included titles contain messaging that could be confusing or construed as scientifically inadequate explanations for young students. We are actively involved in coding, evaluating, and synthesizing expert opinions on the relative educational value of these books.

Special thanks to evolution education researcher Isabell Adler at IPN - Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education, for her extensive contributions to the database records; to the many other EvoKids volunteers who have contributed the remaining entries, and to the Library staff at Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology for organizing the physical collection of the EvoKids library in Leipzig, Germany.