We hope you find the learning on this website helpful in supporting family learning at home. This along with class blogs (which can be found on the Main school website link above) and Google Classroom provides a variety of learning opportunities for you to engage with. Please see the pages at the top for different curricular areas.

If you have any trouble accessing or viewing any part of this section of our website, please let Mrs Laird know by emailing her;

Term 4 2021

17.5.21-28.5.21 - Woodlands (click here to follow the link)

26.4.21-14.5.21 - Sustainable Development Goals

In aiming to increase our learning across curricular areas and re-establish a whole school ethos, we have chosen to complete ‘Focus Fortnights’ across all classes for this term. Learning in each class will focus around a given theme with all coming together to share key learning and celebrate achievements at weekly online assemblies. Planning for learning experiences will be around the four contexts (shown in the picture below) as set out by Scottish Government in their refreshed narrative on Curriculum for Excellence. More information on this can be found at; As such, we will aim to provide an enriched curriculum that fits our school community and our unique context and allows the children to continue to develop the four capacities; successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens.

The Family Learning each fortnight will focus on activities directly related to these topics. These can be accessed below. We also have our weekly 'Right of the Week' activities in the 'Rights of the Child' page above as well as our Picture News weekly home learning activities in the 'Literacy' page above.

15.3.21 to Easter break

With all the children returning on 15th March, we will continue with our updates of the Right of the Week and other weekly activities related to the children which we will post on the News page each Monday.

Following the Easter break, we will look to restart weekly Family Learning activities with a focus on different curricular areas.

Homework ~ remainder of December

For the remainder of December we will be focusing on presenting our pieces for our Christmas performance. Click down to Listening and Talking within the Literacy section above for some support in what we are looking for at different levels so that you can practice to give your best performance.

Homework week beginning 27.11.20

This is our last week with a focus on reading. This week we will look at understanding what you have read or, reading comprehension. See the Literacy page above for questions to ask about a double page in your book. Can P5-7 also add their own questions.

Extra: A few reading bingo sheets which might be a fun activity for over the Christmas break when it comes.

Homework week beginning 23.11.20

I have added sheets for each Primary stage to support parents with how they can help children with Literacy at home. There are lots of fun activities to try.

Week beginning 16.11.20

This week we are focusing on reading with fluency. The younger children have activities for games to practice their sight words and the older children are thinking of the skills they need to read aloud and make their reading interesting. Click on the link above.

Week beginning 9.11.20

For this week have a look at the reading genre walls for your stage. 'Genre' stands for a type of text. How many bricks can you fill in? If you would like a print out of this to colour, ask Mrs Laird for one or you can print at home. You can also suggest some that are missing - let Mrs Laird/your teacher know what else you found or add it to your wall.

Those in the younger years can ask a parent to read the items with them. How many can you find?

Homework Week beginning 2.11.20

For homework this week the children are asked to login to their Google Classroom and answer the question there.

Google Classroom's are linked to the Class blogs and can be found in the menus at the top of each class blog page.

Children's logins are normally;

They will set the password or their class teacher will have informed you of this.

Further help can be found on the Digital Page here:


This site was set-up to support Family Learing. From October 2019, we will be trialling a move towards Family Learning and away from set homework. There have been recent articles related to the stress homework can cause and research has shown that the benefits for Primary school children are limited. However, when parents voted two years ago, the majority wished homework to continue.

Parental engagement and family learning have been shown to have much better impacts.

Glenurquhart Primary has various home learning opportunities and a page for each of these are included at the top.

We are therefore going to trial a monthly focus for homework after the October break.